Over the years I have called on Bill to conduct several searches for our company, he has always delivered qualified candidates that meet the criteria established when the search began. He listens to your needs and tries to fully understand the culture and needs of each individual search…he works quickly and has tremendous follow up – you never wonder the status of a search Bill has taken on the job. In addition, he only wants to place candidates where there is a strong degree of confidence that the placement is both good for the candidate and for the company. It is always a pleasure to work with Bill – he has my trust and has produced a number of great long-term solutions for us!

Greg C.

CEO President, Large Hotel Resort Company – Client

Bill is a talented and seasoned recruiter who I recently had the pleasure of working with. Throughout the entire recruitment process Bill consistently demonstrated his commitment and ability to balance and support both the candidate and organization, while keeping in mind everyone’s best interests. He has a natural ability to build long-lasting relationships and identify top talent. I highly recommend Bill’s services.

Kristin N.

Vice President, Human Resources - Client

I have worked with Bill for almost 13 years. He is an extremely talented executive recruiter with a huge network of talented professionals. Bill is honest, trustworthy and someone with whom I look forward to working with, without hesitation!

Alex W.

Vice President, Human Resources - Client

With nearly 35 years’ experience in the hospitality business, I have had the opportunity to work with and engage with many qualities Executive Search organizations. One of the most professional that I had the pleasure to work with over many years is Bill Siegel and EverQuest Recruiting. Bill is resourceful, diligent, and highly effective.

John D.

Vice President, Marketing – Client

For the last 15 years, I have exclusively used Bill’s service for all leadership searches. From Chief Finance Officer, General Manager, Director of Restaurants, Director of Spa Operations, right down to a full culinary team. Without fail, Bill has rose to the occasion. He will endlessly work until the right candidate is sourced. I will recommend Bill and the team at EverQuest Recruiting – you better believe it and you should too!

Robby Y.

Chief Operating Officer , Mega Water Park and Golf Resort – Client


I found Bill and the team at EverQuest Recruiting over 20 years ago. He has had my back every step of the way. Once he learns about the culture and what the right cultural fit would look like, Bill is able to perform like no executive search group I have ever used. If you are looking for someone to have your back and work in your best interest – then hands down it is Bill and the team at EverQuest Recruiting.

Bill limits his candidate choices to only the “A” list. Unlike other firms, he does waste your time.

Brad S.

President, Golf Resorts Operations – Client and Candidate

I have known Bill Siegel for many years and have had the pleasure to work with him on various job searches. Bill not only is tops in his field, but is the most honest, hardworking and detail orientated recruiter I have ever worked with. His ethics and knowledge of the hospitality industry is next to none and his vision of what the client needs and wants is always spot on. I would highly recommend Bill to any hospitality company as he truly is a visionary and has an innate ability to find the right candidate for ever client he works with.

Mary W.

General Manager , Client and Candidate

I have always valued Bill’s advice and guidance in many job-related matters. He has always taken the time to ask the right mix of probing questions and listening well to the responses. I would highly recommend Bill to any employer looking to use his services as I know he will act with the highest level of integrity and honesty and his knowledge of the industry is vast and thorough.

Mark S.

Vice President , Asst Management – Client and Candidate

Bill establishes a vested interest with his clients. The journey is just as important as the destination. He does his research and works with his clients, often giving periodic updates.

Charles R.

Vice President, Resort Operations - Client

It is rare to come across a standout Recruiter like Bill. Bill has expertly filled roles within hotels for many years. I have always been impressed by Bill’s professionalism and ability to bring recruits to the table. Oh, and he is always a pleasure to work with. Bill is an asset as a Recruiter and a good friend.

Donna G.

Vice President, Human Resources – Client and Candidate

Bill graciously helped me acquire an executive level position in the Hospitality industry. Bill is highly experienced and I valued his feedback, honesty, integrity, and humor. Bill is also a great communicator who will go the extra mile for you. Thanks Bill!

Mark W.

Vice President, Finance – Client and Candidate

I would like to commend Bill and his company on their great work! I have worked with different recruitment agencies in my career but EverQuest Recruiting clearly has been THE BEST firm I have ever worked with. Bill’s approach to the hotels and the talents is amazing. He has prepared me for every single stage of the interview process, and his guidance and follow up is excellent. As a Director, I have interviewed many candidates, but he has given me some tips on interviewing that I will personally use in my career.

I highly recommend working with Bill if you would like to find a career, not just another job.

Bill puts as much hard work into your success as you put in to getting hired!

Nail T.

General Manager , Lifestyle Hotel - Candidate

Bill is the best recruiter I have ever met! Not only did he locate the perfect position for me, he was instrumental in helping me obtain an interview and ultimately landing the job. The whole process was smooth and easy. The communication was excellent. Anyone looking for a career in hospitality *must* use Bill Siegel!

Stacy R.

General Manager , Candidate


In the simplest of terms, Bill cares. He made sure to keep me updated throughout the process. Bill’s focus was to make sure I understood all the steps and to not only make sure I was prepared but to ensure he answered all my questions along the way. Bill was a great advocate for and I will always appreciate what he did. He has a great ability to match your talent with the right company and to make your dream opportunities come true.

Mark B.

Senior Vice President , Finance – Candidate

Bill Siegel is the finest recruiter I have come across. He placed me at a mega golf water park resort.  His guidance and his attention to detail he was able to guide through a challenging process. Bill is the Best of the Best.

Randy R.

Vice President, Resort and Chief Finance Officer